Home Siding: Which Material You Should Choose

The exterior siding of your home is the first shield that protects your home from outside elements. Choosing the right siding will ensure a good visual appearance, the curb appeal, of your home and provide insulation and protection for your home.

The siding is used for a new construction and remodeling. Mainly it is used to refresh the look of your existing home or a design of your new construction home. In any case, this decision should not be taken into account lightly. Here is a profile of the different possibilities offered by the market.

Vinyl siding

Vinyl is the most popular. It is lightweight and easy to install in addition to being available in many colors. This siding is very popular in New Jersey and Morristown. Vinyl siding can be installed over existing wood siding or over a new substrate. Benefit of vinyl siding is that its nearly maintenance free. This siding is usually installed with insulation behind to increase the R-value of the exterior walls.  

Composite Vinyl siding

Composite siding is available in many length. This product has insulation contoured to the back of the vinyl panel. The designer look and feel of this siding makes this one of the most preferred vinyl siding types.

Natural wood

Natural wood is without a doubt one of the best exterior coatings on the market. However, it requires ongoing maintenance. The natural wood siding is preferred in some area, such as Maplewood and Montclair NJ.

The exterior siding in brief

Make sure you buy a quality product, take the time to shop and know the different suppliers. At all times, make a choice of materials that fits your budget. Respect the neighborhood’s surroundings. Confirm weather wood siding or vinyl siding is the proper siding material type for your neighborhood. Try not to distort the visual appearance of your home with an inappropriate choice of siding. At all times, consider planning standards in your city or municipality.