Steps to maintaining your roof

Roof cleaning: How to maintain your roof

Roof maintenance is a proper necessity for your home. It’s coating, waterproofness and insulation are compromised daily by the climatic conditions (sunshine, storm, wind, rain, humidity…etc). All of which can shorten your roof longevity and cause infiltration. The good news is that you can maintain your roof yourself.

When to maintain the roof? The roof only needs to be cleaned once or twice a year. The first time in the spring, to make sure that the aggressions undergone during the winter (freezing, hail, etc.) did not cause any damages to the roof shingles or coating. The second time in the fall, when the roof must be cleared of debris: dead leaves, small branches, molds, mosses, lichens, mushrooms, etc. Here are our five-step tips for keeping a solid, waterproof and aesthetic roof longer.

Control Your Roof

Proper maintenance of your roof begins with regular visual inspection. Go around your house, scan the exterior cladding (shingles, tiles, slates, wood shakes) from the ground, but also from the windows upstairs and the attic.

Inspect safely

Of course, you can climb on a ladder, scaffold or on the roof itself, as long as you are secured, preferably with someone to help you. You should look out for any damaged or displaced shingles, tiles or slates, sagging and changes in appearance. You will also be able to assess the condition of the roof, if it is gradually covered with algae, lichen, moss, which will then have to be removed.

Equip yourself

Once the inspection is complete, get ready before you start cleaning your roof. Equip yourself to perform your work safely: wear gloves, a mask when applying the treatment, non-slip shoes, multi-pocket belt for tools and safety harnesses.

First, start cleaning by picking up plant waste, pebbles and other residues. Set aside any pieces of tile or slate that may have been chipped in order to replace them. Then prepare your tools: you’ll need a stiff bristle brush, a water jet or a pressure washer, a sprayer, antifoam and water repellent, a ladder or scaffold.


Clean your roof

You will have to brush and scrape to remove moss and residue. Remember: Always proceed in the direction of the slope of the roof, from top to bottom, to avoid infiltration. Several solutions are available to you, but should be handled with care:

– use a pressure washer: it is the simplest solution, the fastest and the least tiring. But if the jet is too powerful, you will damage tiles or slates, which is not the goal.

– brush the roof with bleach: frequently recommended, but similarly, the bleach will make more porous tiles and slates, besides that its use is not at all ecological.

The best solution is to brush the roof with a suitable ecological product. Which, depending on the surface of the roof, can require long hours of effort!

Antifoam product and water repellent treatment

Once clean, you will be able to treat your roof by applying an anti-foam product and a water repellent treatment, which will extend the life and efficiency of your roof. You must choose products that are adapted to the nature of your roof covering, taking into account the application methods, avoiding periods of precipitation or high heat.

Observe the recommendations, dosages and times of action or drying of the products mentioned by the manufacturers. They are essential to the effectiveness of the products. If possible, focus on environmentally friendly products and polluting chemicals. Some defoamers require, for example, rinsing, others do not.

Smart solutions

Water-repellent products serve as anti-humidity treatment and help to fight against infiltration. Several layers must sometimes be applied to the surface to be treated. Some products can combine both functions. Some people recommend laying copper wires stretched flush with the tiles, at the top of the roof. The oxidation of copper by rainwater prevents the appearance of moss or lichen.

Call on a roofing professional

If you have doubts about the state of your roof and if you hesitate to start yourself this type of work, then it’s best to leave it to the professionals. Have several detailed quotes from qualified roofers to compare the proposed services, rates and turnaround times.

Overall, the price of cleaning your roof will vary depending on the roof area, types of cleaning and treatments. Your roof will then be protected for five to ten years or more depending on the products and techniques used.

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  1. Henry Killingsworth
    Henry Killingsworth says:

    I found it interesting when you explained that it is important to regularly inspect your roof to make sure that it doesn’t have any missing shingles. If I were to guess, missing shingles probably make it easier for water to get into your attic and then ultimately leaking into your home. It seems like it would be a good idea for me to have a roofer come and inspect my house so that I can know if it needs any kind of repairs.

  2. Greta James
    Greta James says:

    Wow, thank you for your tips that you need to remove moss and other waste from your roof tiles, though there are several ways to do this. Yesterday, I was at my godfather’s house and noticed that his roof was looking a little sad as there were old leaves and other debris all over it. I will have to help him look for professional services to help him as I don’t want him on the roof.

  3. Derek McDoogle
    Derek McDoogle says:

    My dad told me that after the storm season, the roof of his house is full of dead leaves. I like how you suggest keeping your roof clean so that it won’t get any damages. I will recommend him to contact a roofing company so that they can properly clean the roof.

  4. Best Access Doors
    Best Access Doors says:

    I am in search of the best roofing contractor, I learned a lot by reading your worthy words. Thanks a lot for helping us. I wish you the best of luck for more amazing work

  5. Michaela Hemsley
    Michaela Hemsley says:

    My husband noticed the other day that some of the shingles on our roof are falling off. I appreciate that you mentioned that if we have any uncertainty about the shape our roof is in, we should reach out to a professional. I think that would be smart for us to do so that our roof can get repaired and we won’t get injured trying to do it ourselves.

  6. Thomas Clarence
    Thomas Clarence says:

    Thank you for explaining that it is important to make sure your roof is clear of lichen and moss. I’m an accident-prone person, so if I had to go up onto my roof to clean it myself, I would probably accidentally fall off. Hiring a professional roofer to do regular maintenance for me so that I stay safe is probably the best thing I can do.

  7. Patrick Ross
    Patrick Ross says:

    I like what you said about making sure that you’re secured when doing roof work. My sister wants to get a new roof installed in the coming weeks. I’ll share this information with her so that she can look into her options for contractors who can help her get this done safely.


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